Houseworks Group USA Introduces NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System


ATLANTA, GA– May 28, 2015Houseworks Group USA, an international product development team with 40 years of global sourcing, multi-modal design, retail strategy, and contract manufacturing expertise, has launched the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System™, a self-contained and self-watering pot that can water plants for four-plus months. NIMBUS is Houseworks Group’s inaugural product designed specifically for the home and garden sector.

NIMBUS is a self-watering, indoor-outdoor planter that allows a plant and its environment to determine exactly when and how much water is needed. As the first of its kind, the pot utilizes a patented wet-to-dry system that aids nutrient uptake by releasing water only when the plant’s root system necessitates hydration. The system is proven to enable the natural watering pattern a plant needs to not only grow, but thrive.

“This is the perfect solution for any type of gardener, as well as people without a green thumb,” said Dean Benamy, CEO of Houseworks Group USA. “It’s a natural way of taking care of plants and edibles – basically, you fill it and forget it.”

NIMBUS has a two-part reservoir around the perimeter of the pot. A user can fill the reservoir with water, insert the included actuator, and the Intelligent Watering System™, coupled with the plant, does the rest. Once the blue water level indicator drops out of site, you’ll know it’s time to add more water.  The NIMBUS can serve as either a free-standing pot or an insert to decorative planters. Its sleek modern design makes it a fit for modern, transitional and traditional interiors, and outdoor spaces.

Perfect for travelers, beginner or pro gardeners, hotels, and restaurants, NIMBUS is great for anyone looking for a no fuss way to maintain a container plant.

Houseworks Group USA was recently a Silver Exhibit Sponsor at the Garden Bloggers Conference in its hometown of Atlanta, exhibited at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, and will be at the upcoming Haven Conference in Atlanta in July.


NIMBUS was invented by Milton B. Watson who designed the pot to address the common problems of fungal and bacterial accumulations and root-rot associated with select other pots using built-in watering systems.  NIMBUS is available through, on Amazon and through authorized online partners.  To learn more about NIMBUS, please visit the website or call 1.877.926.6464. For dealer inquiries, please visit


For more information on NIMBUS watch our How it works and Setup videos

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