Milton B. Watson

Born in Little Rock, Ark., in 1959, inventor Milton B. Watson was influenced by science and art at a young age. Growing up on his grandparents’ small farm in Jacksonville, Ark., each day he watched his parents water their chickens by filling a jar with water and turning it upside down in a pan. As the chickens drank, the water level was maintained at the mouth of the jar, a principle that would later become central to his first patented invention, the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System™.

Watson’s knowledge of art and scientific principles allowed him to draft plans for a prototype almost immediately. Starting with his hand-drawings, he built custom acrylic prototypes in 2006. After his initial NIMBUS pot was rejected by an interiorscaper due to concerns over root rot, Watson catered to gardeners’ needs, altering NIMBUS’ design and function to eliminate common watering issues, as he wanted to introduce a product that was the total self-watering solution. The culmination of hard work and refinement came in 2010 when NIMBUS was granted a patent.




Houseworks Group LTD.

Housework’s is a forty year old family business in Atlanta GA.  Our roots were in importing from Asia well before it was commonplace.  We began in a niche business of design, manufacturing and marketing of products for dollhouses and the miniature collector market. 

Since our birth in 1974 in addition to our miniature business we have worked with many major retailers and customers in product development and contract manufacturing both domestically and internationally.