The Nimbus P12 is a unique, patented, intelligent watering system for plants. It can be used inside or outside, either as a stand-alone pot or as an insert to your favorite decorative pot.

It has one reservoir around the perimeter of the pot and a second on the bottom. You simply fill it up with water, put the actuator in and it does the rest. The patented system allows the plant to determine exactly how much water it needs and when it needs it. You can leave it up to 4 months or more without having to add water. No spilling, no over or under watering.

There are several other so called “self-watering pots” on the market but they typically just provide a water source to keep the soil wet at all times. That’s not healthy for the plant. Nimbus technology is the only true wet/dry system on the market where the plant determines how much water it needs.  

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