1. Where will the NIMBUS be available for purchase?
The NIMBUS will be available through our website. 

2. How does the NIMBUS work?
Head over to our How It Works section to see.

3. Does it require power or batteries?
No! The NIMBUS requires no external power of any kind. 

4. For how long will the NIMBUS water my plants?
This depends on a number of factors [inside / outside / climate / season], but it can keep your plants watered for up to 4 months or more of watering per fill.

5. Can I really grow anything in the NIMBUS?
Yes! As long as the plant fits comfortably into the NIMBUS, it has the right amount of light, and is not exposed to freezing temperatures.

6. What if I want to grow something bigger than the NIMBUS can hold?
We are currently developing two more NIMBUS sizes (a P18 and a P24) and are looking into new and interesting configurations.

7. But it doesn't match my other pots and planters.
You're in luck! The NIMBUS P12 was specifically designed to fit within any standard 12" pot or planter.

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