Launch Announcement

We are excited to announce that our syndicated press release to announce the launch of the NIMBUS went out on October 10th!  The full release that went on the news wire is below.  Even more exciting is the amount of interest that the product has already garnered from the news of the launch!  Various affiliates of ABC, NBC, FOX, and Business Journal are just a few to tell their viewers and readers about NIMBUS.

Worry-free Plant Care

Houseworks Group USA introduces NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System, a first-of-its-kind self-watering pot for plants.

ATLANTA – October 10, 2014 – Houseworks Group USA, an international product development team with 40 years of global sourcing, multi-modal design, retail strategy, and contract manufacturing expertise, today announced the launch of the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System™, a self-contained and self-watering pot that can water plants for four-plus months. NIMBUS is Houseworks Group’s inaugural product designed specifically for the home and garden sector.

NIMBUS is a self-watering, indoor-outdoor planter that allows a plant and its environment to determine exactly when and how much water is needed. As the first of its kind, the pot utilizes a patented wet-to-dry system that aids nutrient uptake by releasing water only when the plant’s root system necessitates hydration. The system is proven to enable the natural watering pattern a plant needs to not only grow, but thrive.

The NIMBUS inventor, Milton B. Watson, designed the pot to address the common problems of fungal and bacterial accumulations and root-rot associated with select other pots using built-in watering systems.

“The precise amount of hydration is essential for plant growth, healthy foliage and blooming flowers; thus, a plant requires a water source that does not under- or over-water it,” he says. “Since most people tend to water plants inaccurately, we invented NIMBUS to take the guesswork out of the watering equation.”

NIMBUS can recreate a plant’s ideal watering climate through mimicking its typical wet-to-dry cycle. The pot also has the ability to distribute liquid fertilizer as the plant dictates through the Intelligent Watering System™.

The NIMBUS has a two-part reservoir around the perimeter of the pot. A user can fill the reservoir with water, insert an actuator and the Intelligent Watering System™ does the rest. No batteries or power sources are needed. The product can serve as either a free-standing pot or an insert to decorative planters. Its sleek modern design makes it a fit for modern, transitional and traditional interiors, and covered exteriors. 

Depending upon environmental conditions, users of NIMBUS can fill its reservoir with water as infrequently as every four months. “This is especially helpful for plant enthusiasts, people with busy schedules or who travel, and those without a green thumb,” said Watson. “NIMBUS takes the fear out of plant care, reduces risk of plant disease caused by too much water, and minimizes plant death triggered by too little water.”

The NIMBUS pot also was created with the hospitality industry in mind. With the NIMBUS self-watering plant container, hoteliers can benefit from placing plants in hotel rooms without tasking their housekeeping staffs to water each plant daily. NIMBUS’ self-contained nature makes it usable for hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, and other traditionally water-averse spaces.

“With its ease of use compared to traditional pots, NIMBUS provides hotels and many commercial spaces with a beautiful, time-efficient way to reintroduce live plants into guest quarters, dining rooms and lounge areas,” says Watson.

The development of NIMBUS came with no small amount of research and discovery. Houseworks Group’s product development team studied the market to uncover the clear-cut need for an Intelligent Watering System™. The team of product conceptualization and marketing experts quickly discovered that decorative houseplants are not the only live good item provisioned for NIMBUS.


“According to the Garden Writers Association and other well-versed organizations, we learned facts such as more than 47 million Americans planned edible gardens in 2013, contributing to a six-year high in both participation and spending,” said Dean Benamy, CEO of Houseworks Group. “Home and professional chefs can maximize the freshness of dishes by utilizing NIMBUS as a method of growing herbs and seasonings in the kitchen.”


Additionally, according to the National Gardening Association, there was a 29% increase in food gardening by people living in urban areas, up from seven million in 2008 to nine million in 2013. 


NIMBUS’ national product launch addresses the fact indoor gardening is fast-becoming one of the most coveted gardening techniques, which many believe is being led by the millennial generation.

Despite how indoor plants and interior gardening are gaining fervor, the pastime is trending according to the National Gardening Association, as evidenced by the group’s popular online articles in regard to houseplants helping clean the air by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) deemed indoor air pollutants, such as toluene and xylene, and the association’s support in creating the National Indoor Gardening Day.

“Whether foliage plants are used to enliven interior kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms, or families are spending quality time together for at-home kitchen gardening, NIMBUS provides a no-hassle, easy method for plant care without the usual frequent need for watering,” says Benamy.