• I really like the NIMBUS.  We used the NIMBUS to start our spices before transporting them to the garden and it really worked well. Especially good for delicate plants which needed just the right amount of moisture maintained since just being out of the house for a few days can cause them to dry up and die.  It was nice to know that NIMBUS was sort of on that job for us!
    — Tom Kraeutler, Host and Founder of The Money Pit
  • Thanks to its functionally well thought-through design, NIMBUS allows the users to water their plants automatically for several months.
    — Statement by the jury as printed in the Red Dot Design “DOING” Yearbook 2015/2016
  • Probably one of the most, biggest advances in container gardening...
    — John Kohler of the GrowingYourGreens YouTube Channel with almost 300,000 Channel Subscribers
  • NIMBUS is so versatile- it will be great either on my front porch, or inside in a sunny window. I'm so looking forward to letting it take care of my lovely fern inside or out, all year round!
    — Her Emerald Thumb Blog
  • I love that the NIMBUS takes the worry out of watering! If you love plants like me or even if you don't have a green thumb, this is the pot for you!
    — Mom 4 Real Blog
  • Modern and functional too, the Nimbus Intelligent Watering System will keep plants hydrated while you are on vacation or just feeling neglectful. More of a traditionalist and don't like the mod-design? Slip the Nimbus into your favorite pot and let Mother Nature do the rest.
    — Felicia Feaster, Editor and Chief, HGTV Gardens | Editor, HGTV


NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System is a self-watering planter that allows the plant and its environment to determine exactly how much water is needed and when it needs it. 

[Its like a plant pot, but better]