The NIMBUS is a unique, patented, watering system for plants.  The patented system allows the plant in its environment to determine exactly how much water it needs and when it needs it. 


The NIMBUS is like a rain cloud contained and plugged directly into the root system of your plants only to be released when your plant needs watering. Once planted in a NIMBUS your plant will experience the natural watering pattern it most desires. This is every plants ideal climate.


True wet and dry cycles

NIMBUS technology is the only true wet/dry system on the market where the plant determines how much water it needs.  There are several other “self-watering” products on the market but they typically provide a water source to keep the soil wet at all times.  This may lead to fungal and bacterial accumulations and root-rot. 


Two part system

The NIMBUS has a two-part reservoir around the perimeter of the pot.  You simply fill the top reservoir with water, insert the actuator and the Intelligent Watering System does the rest. The NIMBUS provides up to 4 months or more of watering per fill. No spilling, no over or under watering.